Thursday, May 1, 2014

 Happy May Everyone!!!  I was recently inspired on a trip to  Norm's Dollhouse Store where I saw this little black coffin in the display case, but I didn't want to pay $80.00 dollars for the casted coffin.  So I was inspired to make my own.  Which lead me to make a variety of mini Coffins.  My OCD kicked in and I thought they might be something that I could sell at this summers Miniature Show here in Denver.  It will be my first sales table I've ever had and I'm nervous about needing to have a variety of items to sell-Thus Coffins.  I figure the Miniature Show is in September and Halloween will be the next month so hopefully people will be looking for something spooky to buy.  I just have to figure out a fair price to charge for each coffin.  I spend on average around 4 to 5 hours on each coffin building each out of wood and items I found in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby and Michaels craft stores.  I hope you like me newest miniature Spooky Coffins. 
I am also currently working on a Miniature Vintage Trailer House that I hope to post some pictures of it soon.  Have a Terrific Week Everyone!!!   Hugs!!!   Stan
P.S.  I'm contemplating making a Miniature Crypt filled with coffins and dust and old stone walls and maybe with some old bones or something.  Not sure yet, but I am having fun making something spooky and old. 

 I thinks this is one of my favorite coffins since it has 3 layers of paint and all the ageing of it like it had just been dug out of the ground.  The bad part is I don't remember the process I did in creating the ageing on this coffin so it will be hard to reproduce. 

I ended up digging out the sewing machine to sew all the silk liners I made for most all of the coffins.  I really wanted to make  a little skeleton that was mummified and put in some coffins, but I didn't want to get to carried away and make it look to scary or creepy.  But if I do I think it would make the coffins even more unique and saleable. 

The rounded top coffins took me the longest since the top has 3 layers of wood that I had to hand carve and sand to round them. 

On the blue and brown coffin I used some old paper doilies that I cut up and glued onto the coffins to make them look like they had metal decoration.  The bad part is I have been to 3 craft stores and Party City and cant find any more paper doilies that are this detailed.  Ill be in search for awhile since I have no idea where I got these doilies from.

This is one coffin as I had just finished building it and then I used a lot of wood filler to fill in any spaces since there were so many angles I couldn't make all wood pieces fit perfectly. 

I also find this one interesting since I found a lions head that I glued onto the coffin and it makes it look eerie. 


  1. Hey Stan, amazing... very six feet under. They would look amazing in your miniature crypte. Hope you will execute this great idea. Wishing you a great weekend.

  2. They look great - I like your attention to detail and how you made each one so different. I think I like the doily one best.

  3. Hello Stan,
    Terrific! I love your coffins. The ageing on them is spectacular, as always, and there is so much you can do with them. I think a crypt is a terrific idea!
    Big hug,

  4. I love them, you should make a creepy little crypt to display them a la "tales from the crypt" put a little dry ice in a bowl behind it and add some flickering candles..I bet you'd sell out quick.


  5. Están geniales!!! Y hay para todos los gustos,te han quedado perfectos!!!

  6. Wow, I just LOVE these!! They're just the right amount of spooky and eccentric :D You sure did a great job with them! Now I want to try making some myself, hahah!
    I think they look great on their own although you can always add a mummy for extra effect, like you wrote. Perhaps the mummy could be an upgrade so anyone can decide if they want an empty coffin or a full one :)

  7. I would love to know how you did the flaking paint. Also, I about your tile and you can do flooring and stone and other surfaces with thin Styrofoam printing sheets. Dick Blick has them. About 1/16" thick and
    flexible. Just print your graphic to regular ink jet paper. Now, coat the surface of the foam with Mod Podge and press the right side of the print down in the medium thick, not too thick layer of Mod Podge and let dry overnight. When completely dry, wet the surface and rub the paper gently until the top layer peels off. then use an empty ball point pen or a tool to scribe in the details. The foam is soft and you can make great impressions in it. Use small necklace chain pressed on top to give a textured surface. Any one who has more suggestions, let me know.
    I have loved to use the boxes rather then use the presents also.
    You do fantastic work. Love the details and the trailer is wonderful and I love the old.