Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Here is my newest Retro Trailer House I just completed as far as I am going to.  I have become bored with it and was going to do a desert landscape around it with dry grass and trash.  But I am excited to start working on a French Catacomb with coffins and bones.  For this little trailer house I was trying to go for the feeling of an Old Carnival or Circus person lived in it.

 Mabey I will work on it at a different time.  It right now looks like a dirty mess which I was trying to go for, but I did get carried away on the dirt.
Have a Wonderful Week Everyone!!!!  I think this weekend I will start working on my Catacombs. 

I went to an automatic place and found a couple of 12volt light that go inside of cars for dash lights that I used for the tail lights.  I thought they were pretty cool since the dollhouse work does not sale lights like these.


I had a lot of fun making the little bed in the trailer which ive been thinking about making some mattresses to sale at the show. 

 I try adding stuff that I hand make throughout the house such as in the kitchen the little Ouija Board on the table. I also made the tile in the kitchen and bathroom area.   I found some tile pictures on Pinterest and printed them out on paper then sprayed some gloss spray on them.   The plan was to cut out each square and grout in between them, but I lost my passion for working on the trailer and decided to just glue the tile down in sheets which gave it a linoleum look.
Me sitting back watching a movie while working on the trailer. 

Just finished painting the trailer and loved this bright color and wish I would have left it bright and shiny instead of aging it. 

View from the kitchen into the bathroom area. 

I also spent many hours on Pinterest finding circus posters to copy and make into mini posters for the walls of the trailer. 

Yes a Filthy little bathroom. 

I had lots of fun making the little wood stand for the engine to sit on and gluing down the newspapers the engine sits on.  I wish I could get better at making the grease look better I tried to spill around the engine.  I figure the person living in this trailer is a single Circus or Carne and is rebuilding the engine for his truck to pull the trailer house to the next town.  I just haven't decided what the person does for their job in the circus yet.  Mabey its the Bearded Lady, or the Elephant Trainer, or the Wolf Man!!!!!!!!

I decided I wanted the bathroom to be broken, vs why the bathroom is so filthy.  I then left out the toilet and just left the toilet drain on the floor, since the toilet might have been broken by the Worlds Fattest Circus Freak!!! or something like that. 

I just had to add some of the little Playboy magazines that I made. 

I spent many hours cutting out strips on metal to frame the trailer windows and edges. 

I stole the car engine out of a model and decided it had to go into the trailer but I just had to add lots of grease around it to make it look like someone was working on it. 

The back side of the trailer comes off to be able to access the inside. 

Then I glue on the wood siding on top of the poster board. 

I started with drawing out the shape of the trailer on poster board. 

The corner of the coffee table I make all my little creations. 

This is the print out I made from the computer to make the tiles.  Then I just sprayed it with gloss spray and then washed some watered down brown paint to make it look old. 


  1. It looks so real! You are very talented at assembling all the little details that give it so much character! I think the circus guy just runs a midway gig..... and fixes the machinery! What a mess the place is.... just as you intended! Keep up the great work!

  2. Que realista te ha quedado,el exterior se ve perfecto con las luces y wel interior es maravilloso tan desordenado y repleto de cosas!!! Cuando le hagas el exterior será incomparable!!!!!

  3. It looks very nice. Great work ;-)

  4. The engine being worked on is my favourite part of the caravan. Cool.

  5. Hello Gregg,
    Once again, fantastic work! The trailer is fantastic. I don't think I could ever reach the level of aged realism you create. It is spectacular. As much as I think it is a shame that the project be put on hold, I must admit I am beyond excited about your catacomb project!
    Big hug,

  6. I am not joking it looks a bit like the (Real) small trailer/caravan I bought last week. ;p Amazing job, can't waith to see the french catacomb. Saw the catacombs below Paris as a kid... nightmares for weeks.

  7. Oh Im so glad to hear you are making the catacombs, what fun :) if you are tired of the trailer why dont you make it "Bud's Trailor from "Kill Bill" all youd need to add is a Hanzo Sward (and maybe a shot gun)