Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lots of stuff going on over the past couple of months.  I thought I would post a couple of house pictures of different home improvement projects I've been working on around the house.  I quit my 2nd full time job after working there for 10 years.   I will now just focus on taking care of the 2 developmentally disabled gentleman that live with us.  But after a little over a month not working my 2nd full time job I have a lot of time on my hands, but I do not miss managing and typing major documents for over 100 people.   Not a lot of extra money to make major improvements around the house or to work on new miniature houses.  So I decided to be bold and paint the white staircase spindles Black which I thought turned out very nice and updated the staircase railings.  Which by the way I build and put the staircase railings myself which turned out nice with me not knowing what I was doing many years ago.  

Plus I installed matching Cherry Flooring to get rid of the old ugly entry way tiles, it only took me 2 years to get to since I laid the matching flooring in the kitchen when we remodeled the kitchen a couple years ago.  I think it turned out pretty darn good.  I could walk for a couple of days after all the work but it was worth the accomplishment. 

Then today I finally repainted one of the upstairs bathroom a dark grey and repainted the old oak cabinets white and added pull handles and added some wood around the window to give some more white to the room.  I think it made the 11 year old bathroom a more modern look. 


  1. All of your renovations have made your home look very classy and sophisticated! The improvements are well done, and have really updated the look.
    Great work!

  2. Hello Stan,
    Wonderful changes. the rooms look much more modern and have a lot more character. The staircase is gorgeous and very rich looking.
    Big hug,