Friday, June 7, 2013

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful month.  I have been having a lack of creativity and have been really slow with completing this newest project.  I had an old fire engine truck that I dismantled and then built a Traveling Gypsy House  onto the old bed area.  I decided to keep the house red to keep with the old fire truck color.  I ended up using scrap plywood and cut out a couple of boxes to create the house.  I then added a lot of windows.  I still haven't found my muse on creating my next miniature house yet.  I think I really want to go back to making a paper house as I have before.  I hope to get inspired on my upcoming vacation to Idaho for my annual Rock Hunting Camping Trip to see my family. 

I sat watching movies while making the little pots with greenery coming out of them, which was very relaxing. 


I made a secret wall opening to access the interior of the house. 

I didn't over decorate the interior, since I am very very low on decorating and furniture pieces.  So I had a couple of chairs and a table that I spray painted red to keep a red theme inside also. 

There is a ladder going up to the bedroom area, but no bed yet.  I will have to make a bed to fit the room.  But not to inspired to make one.

I think I like the little wood burning stove area the most.  I added a lot of greenery around the window since I did not have a wood frame to hide were I cut the opening. The greenery does the job and looks more rusting I think.

The ladder hangs on the side of the wall where the wall opens, but it looks sort of good standing along side the house. 


  1. Wow Stan!! Are you ever clever! Your caravan is utterly unique and totally charming! How in the world did you happen to come up with an idea like this one!!? You blow my mind with the way you devise and compose spaces. I love your houses and now I love your little red wagon too! FAB U LOUS!


  2. Wow, that`s amazing!!

  3. This is really fun, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your break, maybe you'll come back ready to start on another project but these things can't be rushed.

  4. Wow... what a cool Caravan!!!!!!!
    Absolutely creative and unique! I love it :)

    Hugs, Lina

  5. Extraordinaire! Superbe roulotte des temps modernes!!!

  6. what a wonderful idea!!! i completely love it!! all of it!

  7. I really love your project. It's amazing the ideas that you come up with, you have fitted so much into such a small area. Thanks heaps for sharing with us. Natalie x

  8. Una verdadera maravilla, me encanta es precioso y sumamente original.
    Un abrazo.

  9. Wow! This is great! I love it. And if you manage to do things as good as this, I think you are "allowed" to lack inspirations now and then, wait for it to get back (it always does, for me anyway ;) ) and I bet you will make a new beautiful project quite soon =)

  10. Very cool piece - I like all of the victorianesque windows. What part of Idaho are you from? I am from that neck of the woods! I started my college career at Boise State,

  11. Hello Stan,
    Really! I wish I could come up with incredible workj like this when I am feeling uninspired! It is such a small space but again you manage to make it look like liveable rooms, not like a toy. the windows are just gorgeous and your paint work on the exterior and the hanging plants are just spectacular. This really is a wonderful work of art I know many would love to display. Fantastic work! You are so talented and creative!
    Enjoy your holiday with your family. The thought of it fills me with horror...camping...scary ;)
    Big hug mini genius,

  12. wow,
    for someone who is uninspired you really do great work, that truck is fantastic! have fun camping with your family I'd have to be medicated to go camping with mine....or comatose or passed out drunk..yes they are that bad


  13. Excelente trabajo digno de admirar..

  14. I love this. I have looked at it many times. It is so inspiring.