Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Mini Mansion Project that I have been working on for my office at work, I hope it will fit on my desk.  I have been working on this and my Gnome House at the same time.  I wanted to do something more formal for my office.  I want to make a party scene.  I am making miniature people of all the people at my office, plus me.  See below for the miniature people I am making out of clay.  I dont have time this weekend to finish working on the people, I am in the backyard building the Gazebo to get ready for Summer!  I hope ya all like this new project, its the most formal thing i've completed yet.

I plan on adding all the people I work with standing around like they are at a party.

I still have alot of work to complete the deck area on top of the Mini Mansion.

I also will have people on the top like they are at a party.

This is supposed to be me out of clay!  Lots of work left to do, arms, legs, clothing, etc.  Im not very good with clay work, but I just keep trying and trying.  Because I am a smart ass, I will tell people who upset me at work that they are mini Voodoo Dolls :) 

This will be Ida, the Administrative Assistant.

This is my Boss, Adrianne.  I almost have her looking just like herself.

This is lovable Jennifer, who loves to wear hats.

This is my parter in crime, my co Program Quality Assurance Coordinator -Jamie who looks almost like herself.

This is one of the guys we support, Blair.

This will end up being the owner of the company Jayne.  I have many more people to make and to complete,  I believe 14 people that work just in our office.  Hopefully in the next month I'll be able to post more pictures of my completed work.  I hope ya like.


  1. WOW! As usual... you get a lot done! I am very impressed with your sculpts!! The mini-mansion at work sounds So Fun!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Your work is amazing!! Love the mansion and the sculptings are fabulous!

  3. Hi Stan,
    Great work. The party is very elegant and the room is very succesful. You did a beautiful job. The carving is looking very goos as well...and everyone loves a smart ass!
    Have a great week,

  4. The room looks very chique and the people carving looks good already, can't wait to see them finish. Such a nice idea of you.

  5. I found the inside! I thought you had posted pictures before and I found them I love it! I can't believe all the stuff you've done and it takes me a month to get started on one roombox

  6. Really terrific work and very inspiring. I am pleased to have come across your blog and will enjoy looking further and following updates.