Friday, February 3, 2012

Today Denver Colorado has gotten about 1 foot of snow and we are expecting about 1-2 more feet of snow.  So i finally get to stay at home and work on my Mushroom House.

 I'm still working on the Mushroom House.  Its been a learning experience, in which i ended up having to cut a corner out of the top of the Mushroom to be able to put the house on hinges so it would open. See Pictures Below: Plus lots and lots of drying time.  The window idea with the bolt nuts did not work out so well.  By the time the windows dried the thin pieces for the window panes cracked and split open.This cost me about 3 more hours of work cutting out the window panes.  So I'm doing an open window concept.  The paper dries as hard as cement and makes cutting very difficult.  I ended up antiquing my roof, I didn't like the bright red color seen below, and it took forever to cut open the door, and to make a hidden hinge in the door and to open the house with.  The hinges are hidden under more applied paper which took a couple more days to dry.  I cant wait to start putting in electrical and designing the interior.  I hate waiting for things to dry. 
Ive learned that i could not make a very easy mold of this house, and that i will still need to rethink making a mold in a different way.  I thinks i have learned that i will still to need to be very creative on designing a mold to be able to create a Mushroom Houses with a design that would allow me to split the house and be able to open it on hinges. 
I can still make each House different even with a mold, i just need to be able to save time with a basic shape that can be added to.  Hopefully in the next year i will figure something out.  Between working two full time jobs, my House Projects usually only get worked on once or twice a week.  
I hope you all have a great week. 

Then this morning i still didn't like the bright red roof even with the spots i added, so then in the above picture i antiqued the red so it didn't stand out to much.

I think my OCD is slowing me down creating this House.  I added the red ground up ground cover to the roof, but i didn't like it to well.  Then i added some white spots with paint and then some green ground cover with glue to clump it to make it a spotted mushroom.  Plus i ended up not liking the white part of the main mushroom so i washed it with a brown paint to make it look aged.

The side I cut out of the roof, to be able to open it on the hinges.

This is the picture of once i finished covering the area I cut out with paper.  Then 5 more days to dry, with a fan blowing on the house the whole time.

It took me about 2 days to think about what to do to be able to open the house on hinges.  So this is how I ended up cutting it, then i glue all the areas and re-added more paper to re-shape the area I needed to cut out.  This wore me out trying to be creative and not to make the house look to ugly.


  1. It's getting pretty! I am amazed at the great solution that you found to open the house.

  2. I'm so happy to find your blog. This house is very funny. I think it is for German Schlümpfe! (little dwarfs with blue hats). What fun.
    Hugs from Craftland

  3. Hi Stan! I'm glad I joined your blog today! Your mini projects are really creative and original! I look forward to seeing more of your work. :-) Jennifer

  4. This is the cutest mushroom house I've seen so far. I love the paint job. The wood effect looks so real, and the roof is just so adorable. This is such a pretty house you made.

    -Mariam Freame