Sunday, February 26, 2012

I just completed doing a simple remodel on my Master Bathroom.

I had to share what I completed over the past two weekends. 
I'm sorry I didn't make any progress on finishing the Mushroom House.  But I disliked my Master bathroom very much and decided to redo the cabinets and repaint and redecorate.  So I spent the past couple weekends hitting every thrift store to find pottery and items to decorate the finished bathroom.   I hope you like what I just completed.  I absolutely love the new Alure flooring which is so simple to install, and Love shopping at Home Depot for all the needed supplies.  This time i also didn't want to have curtains in the windows, but the windows looked out of place without something.  I hung up valances above the window but i didn't like the look, so I found some extra floor molding and i cut them into picture frame shapes and nailed them above each window and painted dark brown paint in each, which i think sort of makes it look like a valance, but more clean look and it also makes the windows look taller.  
 I promise Ill make more progress on the new Mushroom House next weekend.

I love having cabinets at arms reach to store everything, instead of just drawers.  I thought the cupboards on the counter would be nice, sort of what I did when I remodeled our kitchen.

Plus the wall behind the mirror was a little damaged removing the large mirror which the builder glued to the wall.  So I got a bright idea and put the flooring I used for the floors on the wall behind the mirror, that what the bathroom seems to flow nicely.  Plus I love using kitchen cabinets in the bathroom, instead of the shorter bathroom cabinets which are typically used.  For someone tall like me i LOVE the counter being higher. 

I love my two ducks.  I found them at the thrift store years ago and decided to make them into my towel holders.

The original bathroom that was standard in all the homes build here 10 years ago.  I hated the bathroom and it had no storage.

Old bathroom and hard to clean tile.

My first drawing of what i wanted my Master bathroom to look like.

Just another drawing that I sort of wanted my bathroom to look like.


  1. It came out stunning! Especially after seeing the "before" pictures!!! Brilliant work!

  2. good gobbly gook! when I first looked at it I thought it was a mini until I started reading, then it hit me you did this to your bathroom!! Im so jealous

    I love your bathroom sink area it's just wonderful.

  3. Exactly - I thought good grief can this be miniature!!! Quickly realized it is full scale. Very classy redo of your Master Bathroom! I do love the ducks as towel holders.
    Regards Janine

  4. Hello stan,
    It looks fantastic. It looks very functional! I love the cabinets, the colors, and I think the flooring behing the mirror is VERY effective. It looks great!
    Good call on the higher counters! I'm 6'-2" so i can sympathise.
    Great job!
    All the best,