Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gnome Mushroom House, lots more comleted.

Hi everyone, I actually made alot of progress during the week on the new Gnome Mushroom House.  Everynight when I would get home from work I would add a little more piece by piece.  I ended up not liking the original spots I had put on the top of the Mushroom.  So I tore apart these little round green decorative balls that you can still see part of them in the front Gardens around the house.   Once I tore apart the decorative balls I added them to the top, since it sort of made it look like grass, or Mushroom like spots.  I also was able to finish the electrical this week also.  The two front porch lights I made out of two old Christmas Street Lamps from a Christmas Village, I just tore them apart and then added new lights to the inside and then just cut of the top of the street lamp and the turned them upside down to make the porch lights.

I think my little cheap porch lights I made turned out adorable,  Since the original street lamps were bright green, and I hate painting, I used a black permenant marker to paint them black.

Last Saturday Night I made this little brick fire place for the new Mushroom House.  It turned out to be a little of an ordeal.  Once I was done adding the bricks to the balsa wood form I made.  I added really runny plaster to fill in the cracks, but then the plaster immediatly dryed to the Darn Bricks.  So I ended up spending over an hour scraping off the plaster, and carving it out of all areas.  It was completely white with plaster at one point and I almost gave up after this mistake.  But I think it sort of turned out OK.  I think it looks like a 400 Year Old fire place.  So I go with that, since Gnomes and Smurfs are supposed to live for Hundreds of years,  the fireplace can go along with that theory.