Sunday, December 4, 2011

I finally made alot of progress this weekend on my newest Cottage.  Last weekend I added all the paper rocks which took me about 3 days to carve the wet paper and try to make look like stones.  And all week for the paper to dry.  I'm not very good with the painting, and I continue to struggle with painting and making the stones look like stones.  I still need to work on the roof.  I'm trying to get a Hay look.  I spent about 3 hours painting the doors and windows Saturday.  I used a crackle finish to give them an aged look.  I think these stones are my best so far out of the other cottages Ive completed.  I used a different technique in how I applied the ground paper.  I hope you all like what if done so far.  Plus I got a little distracted today, and decided to build a bird house for the back yard, so the birds can have a house by the bird feeder.  You can see the Bird House I created below these photos.  I got a little carried away in the garage building the bird house in which I thought it would only take a couple hours.  But after seven hours of working I built it a little to big, and it turned out to be a BIRD MANSION.  Hopefully next weekend I can get it painted.  I'm thinking Colonial Red with a black roof and White shutters and trim.   
I hope everyone has a wonderful December and Christmas Holiday.
Merry Christmas!
Love Stan 

This is what happens when I think I'm bored, and I want to work on something other than my miniature houses.  I ended up using wood rulers for the shutters, and an old door that was supposed to be for on of my Gnome Homes.  I am so tired right now from working on this all day, I cant get up from the couch, which makes it perfect for me to upload these picures to you right now.

I plan to build it onto a big wood post with a bird feeder below the house.  Ill post more pictures when the work progresses next weekend.


  1. It's amazing the transformation that you did, make the house in style cottage!
    The bird house is great. ;)

  2. OMG, lol, thats funny about the bird house, its amazing, lucky birds! And awesome job on the stone work, thats alot of work!

  3. that house is great and don't worry about the bird mansion, the amish have bigger bird houses than that stuck on a pole in their front yards

  4. The stone work looks fantastic, as does that incredible bird house!

  5. The cottage is wonderful! I love the crackle finish on the windows and door.
    Also what beautiful dogs you have......enjoy seeing them in the sidebar, and one more time, your house is gorgeous!