Sunday, July 31, 2011

I hope you all like what i was able to complete in the past couple of weekends.   I made alot of progress this weekend.  I finished all the stone walls and most of the decorations and all the electrical.   I tryed video taping the house for you all, but it didnt turn out to good, when i have more time put a video of the house and me, once i get a good video and not so shy.  I hope you all have a Wonderful Week!  I cant wait for work to get over this week so i can finish working on this house.

I spent a couple of days just making the doors and the screen doors for the house.  I think i like the shingles i made out of paper clay, i accidently put to much moss on the shingles, but i like them covered with all the moss.  I spent Saturday night with a house full of people for our Saturday dinner party sitting on the couch surrounded by people while we watched movies and laughed, while i worked on the house, surrounded by boxes full of junk and miniatures while i built items and painted and added all the items to the interior.

I really love Christmas and the tree took many hours glueing all of the ornaments on.  I still want to make some more boxes to put ornaments in and clean up the attic area more.

I had alot of fun making a couple of Christmas boxes of ornaments.

I thought the water wheel i found worked out great to put the house on top of.


  1. I love the doors, and really like your 'ultra-mossy' roof too. What a great idea to have your friends around while you work on your own project, certainly there's not time for going out when an exciting house is under construction!

  2. It looks just perfect! Congratulations on your work!

  3. I think it's simply wonderful and if you are too shy you can wear a mask of some sort like Michael Jackson did (didn't hurt him any and people didn't mind)

    Marisa :)

  4. Wow, it's a wonderful house! I love every detail on it! :) Great work!

  5. It looks amazing! Where do you get all your miniatures from for the interiors of your houses, you seem to have a mass of them for decorating each house! Do you keep all your houses in your own home?The Christmas room is so cozy, what a beautiful tree! Kate

  6. I just met your blog, I can not believe how I have not met it before, because you are very talented and I loved your blog.
    I'm delighted with the work you did with this house!
    Now I am your follower. :D

  7. Love this cottage!! It is perfection.

    Where is your follow me google thing? I want to become a follower of yours but can't figure how. Thanks!