Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Kitchen Finally Finished

I spent all weekend working on completing the new kitchen. Almost 30 hours on my days off, tileing, grouting, cutting and installing crown molding, installing new light fixtures, and sweeping up a ton of white dust from cutting the tiles.  I went thrift store shopping also and found more white dishes to decorate the kitchen, and made a quick flower arrangement for the center island.  Now only a couple more finishing touches such as installing the new cream color electrical plugs on the walls.  I have always liked very formal, cozzy, classic, kitchens, and love the early 1900 kitchens with the dishes around the kitchens.  I think we pulled off some off the look, of some of my favorite kitchen designs.  So now i can picture myself at the end of the counter by the sink working on a new Gnome home.

Now im going a vacation for a couple of weeks Rock Hunting in Idaho, for Fire Opal and Quarts Crystals.  Then hopefully i will be rested up enough and start some new Gnomes Houses.  I hope ya like my new kitchen which we designed and built ourselves, which the final cost for all new appliances, flooring which came to only about $10,000.  I think we got a pretty exspensive look, that looks more like a $30,000 kitchen.  Its not perfect but we had fun doing it, even though we spent every penny on it.


  1. The kitchen came out stunning!! What a treat it will be to cook there!!! I love that you saved so much money doing it yourself too. Your trip sounds exciting! Years ago my family went on a vacation in Idaho and went to Garnet Gulch. You could pick garnets right out of this shallow river. We still have a few coffee cans full of them that need to be tumbled. Such a great way to spend a vacation! I hope you find tons of opals and crystals!!

  2. fabulous! I would love to cook all day if this was my kitchen!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous kitchen! I don't usually comment on peoples' 1:1 world, but this is fantastic!