Sunday, May 15, 2011

I finally finished the Mushroom House, I'm not as pleased with it as I thought I would be.  I love snow and Christmas, but trying to get the paper mache and paper clay to look like snow was tougher than I thought.  I had fun this weekend working on finishing the electrical and the interior, I couldn't get a good picture of the bedroom on the second floor thought.  I hope some of you like the look of my first attempt at making a snow covered home with paper clay and paper mache.  I probabley wont do another snow covered home until i can perfect how i do it.  I was a little disapointed because i added to much snow and it covered up all of my grass roof and the red mushroom moss on the roofs.  At least i am learning as i go.  I hopefully will start working on a new home in probably a month or so, I'm not sure.  My new kitchen cabinets were just delivered so we can start remodeling our kitchen.  I'm a little freaked out since we have to stain them or paint them, and I want a professional look, and after six attempts with painting and staining 6 sample doors i have no idea what we should do.  So for now the garage is full of new cabinets that i dont know what to do with.  We were trying to bring the price of cabinets from $13,000 for our kitchen remodel that were completed finished, to what we bought that are beautiful but unfinished but at a cheap cost of only $2,000,  I think its a cool goal to try and remodel for this cheap, hopefully we can make it look expensive when we are done.  I will post pictures of the steps we complete in remodeling our kitchen and we complete it in the next month, until i start working on a new house to show you all.  Have a wonderful month.  Stan


  1. Oh, wow, the house is fantastic. And the snow looks like real snow!!! Very, very nice.


  2. Me encanta! eres muy exigente con tu trabajo, que es lo que no te convence???
    Una casa ideal!
    un abrazo

  3. I think its really realistic too! Alot of people only use a sprinkling but I love the look of thick heavy snow like the house is snowed in, its wonderful! Especially when you make the inside really cosy like that, those gnomes must be glad to stay in the warmth of their cottage with all that cold outside! Dont be hard on yourself its lovely and Ill certainly be taking what youve doen to use on my Honeydukes windowsills! Have fun with that kitchen of yours cant wait to be nosey and see! Kate

  4. Not pleased with it????
    It looks Amazing!!!
    Huge compliment!

  5. Oh, I love the snow...Love how you got it to drip over the sides like that!! It amazes me how you can finish a house, and decorate it so quickly! Can't wait to see your next idea!

    Good luck with the cabinets! Have a little faith:)

  6. I think it's outstanding, I love the amount snow you have gives it a real fantasy but life like look. The whole look looks extremely real and I'd be overwhelmed with it if were mine. :o))

    I hope fitting the new kitchen cabinets works out okay. Never easy, especially if you are also painting your own doors! I'm sure they will look great once done. :o))

    Michelle :o)

  7. I think it's wonderful! as for the kitchen ...well you'll get it right

    Big Hugs
    Marisa :)

  8. I think the thick and dripping snow is perfect for your mushroom house. Good Luck with the remodel :)


  9. Another absolutly great house ! I love the way you are creating your house. They are outstanding ! The snow and the mushrooms look phenomenal. I wish I could move in, LOL
    Good luck for the kitchen ! I´m sure you´ll manage it perfectly !
    I´m nosy to see what you´re doing ;o)


  10. Love this house and the snow looks fantastic but like a great deal of work. Have you ever used Snow-Tex? You can apply it with a brush or artist tool and it looks like real snow. You can make peaks that hold, pile it in corners to look like blow snow and it will hold just about any place you put it.

    I'm sure your remodel looks wonderful.