Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorry for a delay in posting my current weekly project.  The past week has been truly overwhelming, my partner Rob had to go to the ER and was then admitted to the Hospital for the weekend-with major pain and infection throughout his body that the Doctors have no idea whats up, and while this was all going on,  I ended up driving around 1,000 miles taking my dog Rocky back and forth to have an eye surgery in Loveland Colorado, since he was recently diagnosed with Diabeties, and he went blind in about 3 weeks with cataracts.  Rocky is finally seeing again, and the two develepmentally disabled gentlemen that I take care of are both sick.  So im still a little tired this weekend.
So I only had a few pictures to download tonight.  I had a chance to finally work on the new Gnome House this weekend.  I started it last weekend, in between a the above kaotic schedule, but it took the whole week for the house to dry, very very thick paper areas.  It is my Mushroom House, that I plan to make into a Winter Snow Cottage.  This time I wanted to think out of the box when making the house.  My two previous houses were more of Tree stump homes, but I thought a Mushroom would be cool.  This house took me a little longer to built the frame of the home since you can open it up to access three different areas.  I hope to have some more time next weekend to work on this house.  It seems that I am truly loving working with this form of medium, the Paper is so fun to use that I almost become lost in creating! 
I hope to continue to imagine many different homes to build. I have a goal of at least 8 homes to built, before I see if people might be interested in buying my work.
Thanks for letting me share a little with you all, waiting for the end of the week to get to work on the House is how I make it through my work week, which helps me to de-stress.

I hope you all like the start of my new Gnome Mushroom Home.


  1. Love the way it's looking, can't wait to see it all painted up! Definitely original. My best to Rob & Rocky, hope they both feel better soon.

    - Grace

  2. Love the Mushroom house. I hope this week is smooth sailing for you. Get well wishes to Rocky and Rob, so glad Rocky can see again.


  3. It's looking great so far. Good luck to you all for a much better week!

  4. that's the cutest house I've ever seen, Good Job!


  5. Im surprised you got time to do any work at all, it looks wonderful! Love to Rocky and Rob, hope they are both better soon. Kate

  6. This is fabulous, I think I prefer the mushroom house most of all! I'm fascinated how you go about making the shapes etc!

    I de-stress with my mini making too, bit I'm no good if I'm too tired.

    I do hope everyone gets well soon too!!

    Michelle :o))

  7. I have a friend who collects mushrooms and she would adore something like this! Thanks for the bday gift idea!