Monday, April 11, 2011

My Second Gnome Home. April 2011

I think I finally finished my newest Gnome Home.  I was able to spend many hours working on it this weekend.  I got absolutely no cleaning around the house done, but I did have alot of fun standing at least 20 hours at the kitchen counter working on the new home, and watching all the lastest new release movies.  I hope you all like the new house.  Hopefully I can get started on a new home soon, so please check back soon.  A couple of you did get me inspired from your email-comments to create a Winter Gnome Home.  So well see if I can get one started soon, hopefully before we start to remodel the kitchen.


The upstairs bedroom. I also has a little Gnome Bath Tub by the bed.

I even added outdoor lights hidden throughout the greenery around the house.

I worked quite a few hours this weekend adding all the forest greenery around the house.

The finished look to the porch light.

Yah! I finally finished the electrical this weekend.
I wanted to find a cool looking way to install the porch light.  So I used a peice of metal pipe and surrounded it by some more paper clay and made it look like a tree branch coming out of the house.

I then painted the new floor, and created an identical floor for the second story.
I tore the box apart and cut it out to fit the floor.
I found a wood basket at the thrift store that looked like miniature bamboo.  So I thought this would make a cool looking floor for my new Gnome House. 


  1. I am totally impressed. What a joy to see!

  2. This is exactly what it should be...totally and utterly magical in everyway! Just fantastic and I love it!

    I can see the hours that have been spent on it and I particularly love the little branch that the light is suspended from and the wonderful garden and greenry. Superb work all round!

    Michelle :o))

  3. So many lights, so much to look at, this is adorable and so magical. Keep going back to see more, bet your so pleased with how its turned out Stan, and although its getting sunny here in the UK, I cant wait to see how a winter house turns out! Kate