Monday, August 24, 2015

Mountain Cottage 1 of 2.  Here is One of Two of the Mountain Cottages I completed in a weeks time.  I used a variety of left over scrap wood pieces and old windows left over from other projects.  The second Mountain Cottage was just posted below this post.  I had so much fun doing the landscaping and exterior and even the interior of these 2 cottage houses.  I am on a budget this month and no money to really put into houses.  But I am also wanting to build a lot of houses to try and sell at the Miniature Sales Show here in Denver next month.  This is my Moms favorite house.  So if it doesn't sale at the sales show I will give it to her for a Christmas Gift this year. 

This is my favorite view on the outside of the house.  I again made paper clay boulders for the landscaping which I think look pretty realistic.  I had a blast carving the stones for the exterior of the house. 

On both houses I did paint them with a really watered down brown paint which is almost like staining the wood.  Then I age them with my aging technique were I use Denatured Alcohol mixed with Black Indian Ink and paint on the house giving it an old aged look.   

The closest shrub is one I created from a Dollar Store Christmas Tree I bought during the holidays then sprayed it with glue and dipped in green landscaping flock to give it a more realistic look.  The other shrubs were from the model train store. 

The 2 Mountain House together as I build them together. 

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  1. Hi Stan! I must say, you HAVE been very busy, however, I'm sorry to hear that you have been in so much pain of late. I hope that you will get well soon. You have put your down time to good use and your collection of houses are a Small Wonder! Boy your fast!!!! I would have to agree with your mom's choice as being my favorite too. There is a lot of detail both inside the house as well as out that make this cabin in the woods feel very warm and cosy. Your landscaping really appeals to me because it is something that I also enjoy making in miniature.
    I wish you lots of success at the Denver Show but I hope that your mom will get a nice Christmas gift surprise under the tree too! :D