Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post a few pictures of what I have completed on my new Tudor house over the past couple of weekends.  I finally finished installing the electrical wiring and lights.  I have plastered and painted, and aged all the interior walls, and glued a type of fine moss all over the house.  I still have a lot of work to complete but I am having a blast experimenting with new techniques.  I just finished adding a lot of the greenery and bushes around the house last night.  I also decided to try and make my own tree that will be growing in between the two buildings, see the beginning of the tree below what I have started working on for TEACHING myself how to make a tree.  I still have so much to complete, and still need to re-attach the railing around each balcony, make the hardwood floors for all rooms, finish a lot of touch ups and redo the moss on the shingles since the glue ran everywhere and I dislike some of the areas. But then the exciting part is decorating the interior with some really nice furniture i bought at the miniature convention.  I think I am close to 150 hours on this house now, and way above budget.  WAY ABOUT BUDGET!  But I think it will be awesome when I complete it.  I hope you enjoy what I have completed so far.  Have a Great Week Everyone! 

 I just finished adding a new type of water product to the tunnel on the left.  I have never tried it before and it looks a lot like Elmer's Glue, and you can make swirls and stuff in it to cause different effects cause it takes so long to dry, this picture is 4 days after I put the product on, its slowly turning from white to a clear liquid.  The tunnel on the right will be a path way.  At the last minute I decided to add lights inside each tunnel.  I'm glad I did, I think it looks pretty cool. 

Just finished gluing down small sand like rocks and shrubs.

Here in the water tunnel I glued down little pieces of grass and greenery I found at the $ store.  I completely forgot to take pictures of how I bundle the clumps together and hot glue them in place, before I poured the water product over top. 

The walls I just finished plastering they actually look better in person than in the pictures, I aged the walls with a diluted brown paint and washed it on and wiped it off.  You can see that I run the wiring on the floor which will then be cover by a wood floor.  The Wall lights I have the wiring running right behind each beam on the wall.  I used my knife and cut a channel on the back of each beam and hot glued the wiring onto the back of the wood.  I started with the third floor, and would run the wire from the lights on the third floor through one of the beams on the second floor and then run it down to the first floor and outside.  Then the second floor lights wiring ran down a beam on the first floor and then outside, and then the wiring on the first floor just ran outside.  I still have to figure out a creative way to level the floor before I make the hardwood floors. 

You can see the stain glass windows in this photo which I had to put on four different windows throughout the house since they were damaged by having some brown stain discolor them.  So I decided to get creative and I printed up some stain glass patterns on my computer printer on clear plastic then I made each stain glass pattern fit the windows as best as possible and then I glued them on.  I live and learn, and really like the stain glass now, were as before I was upset with myself for getting stain on the windows.  But this mistake really helped me learn how to fix something with a quick and easy Idea. It only took me a couple of hours to print, cut and glue the stain glass to all 4 windows. 

I spent almost 3 hours gluing on all the green moss on all the edges of the house.  I still need to do a lot of touch ups and add more moss in areas I missed.  I used 1 very large bottle of Elmer's Glue and 1 large bottle of Green Landscaping powder that I found at a train store. 

When I got home last night I decided that the house needed a tree in the middle, since the house looked sort of naked. This is my first attempt at making a tree.  This is just a picture of the start of the tree.

I started with just hot gluing left over sticks of wood.  My next step will be to add paper clay over the wood to sculpt the tree.  I hope it turns out looking like a tree.  Ill post more pictures as I make more progress.

I keep going back and forth working on making a tree for the house.  I would place the sticks i was gluing together in between the house each time that i would glue a new piece on to make sure it fit and looked good. 

I just completed aging the stucco on the house with some very brown paint diluted with lots of water, once i brushed it on i used a towel and wiped it off. 


  1. What a Great House this is! You make it look so easy!!! I LOVE the Double building and the courtyard with the tree...! The house looks wonderful with the lights on.... someday I want to make a Tudor Building.... I look forward to seeing the interiors when you complete them!

  2. Fantastic house! I can't wait to see the interiors too!

  3. Hello Stan,
    nobody does period pieces the way you do. It is just amazing and perfect down to the last detail.
    Big hug,

  4. I love it! the lights just set it off and I'm glad you put lights in the tunnels too.

    it's wonderful!

    Marisa :)

  5. This house has been beautifully made, I love all the little architectural details. It's a house with lots of character.