Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hi everyone!  I made some progress on the new house.  Its been an experience since I am trying to make it look very old and dilapidated.  I am trying to make the inside look like the sheet rock on the walls is falling off and exposing the wiring. I have attached some photos of what I have done on the insides, with also laying wood floors to look like old wood plank floors.  I never thought trying to make something look old could be so hard, but its a learning experience I tell myself.  I am now working on adding insulation sticking out from behind the sheet rock.  I will try to post more pictures soon on the furniture I am adding that looks like the house was abandoned years ago.  I just have to figure out how to make the outside of the house look older. 
I am having my doubts about this house though, I really liked just the plain wood look and it killed me to paint over it. But I had a goal to make it look very old!!!!
I'm also getting very excited because I will have an Exhibit of my Miniature Houses I have shared with you in the Miniature Show that comes to town in September to show other people from around the United States to see what I have created.  I have only ever shared what I have Built with the people on my Blog.  So hopefully they will like what I have created, since I don't see anything much like them. So wish me luck.  Hopefully they will like enough to buy them, and I can start a small business selling them.  Thus I made my first business card (picture down below) so I can pass them out at the Miniature show.   
Trying to get an old weather look.

Five layers of paint and stripping it off a couple times and then sanding.  I will eventually learn how to do this quicker with a better look. 

The front room area of the home.   I don't much like the front door, but that's what I get for making it out of Popsicle sticks.

The bathroom area upstairs.

The bedroom area upstairs.

Storage room upstairs.

Dining room downstairs.

Kitchen area downstairs.

Living area downstairs.

My new business card. 

I had to share some of the wonderful Smokey Quarts Crystals we found.

                                               Wonderful day out 4 wheeling with family. 

Trailer finally parked in camp.

Heading up to camp around 8pm.  We drove all day to Idaho over 12 hours and then on the spur of the moment some of us crazy family members decided to be spontaneous and go camping a day early, so we added another 6 hours of driving to get the camp site in the mountains.  We were very tired by the time we arrived after 10pm.  Plus the New Trailer was so long and the last 10 miles into camp has roads that you cant pass on, and bearly fit the trailer through the trees, and we bottomed out on the last 200 feet into camp and slammed to a stop when we hit a major mound and rut trying to drive down a 9 percent grade with a 4 foot wide gully the truck had to straddle or you would tip over.  After lots of digging out the trailer we made it into camp, well worth it with the beautiful forest and nobody around.   The new trailer has been blessed with many Pine Tree Scratches and dents as the trailer was pulled through openings smaller then the trailer was wide. 

More Trees heading up to camp.  Sure beats city living.

One of my favorite places to visit each year is this little Fresh Spring Water that is flowing off the side of the mountain road.  I always find some crystals in this area.

The beautiful view of Idaho Mountains.

Me lounging around camp fire.

My beautiful Niece Stephanie and her big spoiled dog.

Dismal Swamp in Idaho a great place to find Smokey Quarts Crystal, Topaz and Gold.

                                       Leaving to Idaho to see family with new travel trailer.


  1. It is really looking decrepit, I think you are succeeding.

    Good luck at the showing! :)

  2. Its looking awesome, best of luck at the show, thats so exciting! What fun it will be to get to share in person! The camping trip looked awesome too! Ha love the spoiled dog! Enjoy!

  3. Your house is fabulous, thank you for sharing.

  4. Im just amazed at how far you've gotten with that house and the photos of your trip are great thanks for sharing the tip about quartz my grandmother used to say they have healing powers (that was the same Grandma who drank beer and told us she was an Oakie so take it with a grain of salt)

    good luck on the business, I hope you sell lots of houses!


  5. Hi Stan,
    I've been catching up on my blogs all morning and I have to say I'm BLOWN AWAY by your work! The house looks wonderful! You've done such a great job aging the structure. I'm really very is just perfect!
    Congratulations on your exposition at the miniature show. I'm sorry It's so far away. Let us know how that goes!
    All the best,