Sunday, July 24, 2011

I finally got started again on my gnome houses.  This one i decided to incoorporate using more balsa wood, since i do love working with it.  I dont like the price i have to pay for balsa wood, but this way i can make each window a certain size and get greative.  The interior took a couple of weekend just to cut the decorative wood walls and wallpaper.  I am planning to use paperclay to cover the front of the house with stones and the roof with shingles.  I think i may do a christmas scene inside this  one, im in the mood for the holidays.  I found the base at the thrift store that is a water fall, which i thought might be cool so i cut it up to work my house onto it.  So when its done the water pond will light up the base of the house and the water wheel will turn.  My plan is to sit in my living room today watching movies and drinking coffee, and install all the electrical and lights. 

I still need to make double front doors and screens, it would be cheaper to pre buy the doors, but i wanted a house with no pre built windows or doors.

I spent last night building the attic roof, while sitting on the living room floor, while watching movies with friends and their watchful eyes as i glued, cut and painted.

I cant wait to start building the interior and decorate it for Christmas.

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  1. Le agregaste la parte del techo? Gran trabajo.
    Un abrazo.